Friday, February 26, 2010

February 22, 2010
Hello again and welcome,
Things are going well here in the home front but it isn't always playtime there are lots of things to learn too.  I attended my first class in puppy socialization, and we learned how to sit, down, stand and lots of other things that a puppy needs to learn to be happy and well mannered.  I got to meet and play with lots of other puppies my age but the best part of all was that I got to play with my litter mates.
My sister Betty was not there, her new home is out of state, miss you Betty.  One day after practice our owners got together for coffee, we sure did attract a crowd.
I just started basic conformation, that is the beauty pageant for dogs, didn't really care for that, I didn't get to play and I didn't know anyone there. I almost always go everywhere with my owner, and sometimes I have to wait in the jeep while she runs her errands, so that is what I do. 

  At home, I play on the trampoline and pull on Jordyns socks, fetch my Frisbee, play hide and seek, and take walks with my brother and sister.  Sometimes I stop to make a friend or not.  When I have had too much fun, I just take a nap with my buddy.Thanks again for the visit, drop in anytime, even if its just to say hi.
Take care,


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